Our dedicated support team is just that. Dedicated to achieving success for you and satisfaction for your customers.

We’ve designed DirectID to give you happier customers and built it to be quick and easy to implement. But just to be doubly sure, we offer a dedicated support team to help you every step of the way.

Proactive support, before, during and after implementation

Regardless of the solution you choose, we will proactively understand your needs before implementation, actively support you during deployment and check up after you go live to ensure the solution is totally fit for purpose. We offer named individuals to support your business and planned meetings and check-ins during implementation, then post launch support you with ongoing process optimisation.

Full UX, design and development support

We also offer full UX, design and development support. Experts who will work alongside your team to ensure your chosen solution is up and running quickly. Throw in personalised training for your customer service team and your own named account manager whose job it is to ensure on track delivery and you’ll see why we don’t guarantee satisfaction. We aim a little higher than that.

Developer Resources and Implementation Support

Our comprehensive developer documentation includes sample applications in C# .net, Java and PHP, video walkthroughs to assist integration, a knowledge base and in-life support system to resolve queries quickly and regular contact with a DirectID development lead. From day one, you will have immediate access to everything, so you can apply best practices, avoid common mistakes and easily integrate our solution.

Continual customer monitoring and ongoing optimisation

Because every customer counts, so we proactively monitor every customer as they flow through your DirectID solution so we can continually optimise the onboarding process and you get the benefits of best practice at all times.