Platform Overview

DirectID combines multiple data sources - bank verification, live financial data, documents and bureau checks - as a single platform with the flexibility to fit into your existing processes.

Our smart workflow engine controls the user experience in capturing the required information to verify, aggregate and process that individual regardless of which services are enabled.

Data is available through both the Dashboard and API and easily connected to the front office, call centre, back office or decisioning platform.

Data Sources

Bank Identity & Transactions

Connections to over 5000 banks in 32 countries, covering 500+ million business and consumer bank account holders.

  • Bank account and ownership information
  • Activity summaries, total credits and debits
  • Up to 90 days of transactions
  • Categorisation and classification
  • Checking/ current, savings, credit accounts
  • Ongoing access

Document Authentication

Passport and driving license document authentication for over 3500 government issued ID documents worldwide.

  • Enhanced security features scanning
  • Image payload evaluation
  • Template matching
  • Data extraction
  • Algorithmic-based checks
  • Facial recognition

Bureau & Alternative Credit Data

Support onboarding, verification, underwriting and AML/ KYC compliance in the US and UK.

  • Name, date of birth
  • Social security number,
  • Driving licence details
  • Credit score, PEP, sanctions and more
  • Business and director checks
  • Behavioural analytics

Friction-Free User Experience

Customer experience is key. In this convenience world 80% of consumers prefer to complete application processes all online in a single session. We know there is a fine line between a super slick onboarding experience and capturing all the data you need for your customer at the right time. Our pre-packaged User Experience widget provides the ultimate in flexibility and customisation to provide a quick and easy customer experience:

  • Fast connection time averaging 25 seconds to reduce drop out
  • Complete customisation for your branding and messaging
  • Fully responsive for desktop and mobile applications
  • Continual optimisation on every click to increase conversion
  • Insight into your conversion funnel to understand and improve your process

Available as a pre-packed UX Widget, embedded in your process or a hosted page, or RESTful API for native integration.

Comprehensive Reporting for Smarter, Faster Decisions

The value of verified data is realised through the decisions it drives and ultimately how it helps your business achieve growth. DirectID reports on your customer’s bank account and transaction data, as well as performance across your customer base all in real-time to help you make the fastest and most accurate decisions, as well as optimise your process. Data is reported through an online Dashboard or integrated through the Data API.

Reporting Dashboard

Perfect for operational teams and call centres the Dashboard provides one place to manage onboarding, affordability assessment and verifications:

  • Verified Identity and account summaries to assess validity of account holder and activity at a glance
  • Transaction-level Digital Bank Statements to understand the customer’s real time financial position
  • Download reports in PDF or XLS format for additional interrogation and due diligence
  • Send, track and manage email verification requests for customers in real-time
  • Performance Analytics for conversion rates, most popular banks and total verifications across your customer base
  • Access the knowledge base and submit support tickets

Data API

Our native data API effortlessly accesses and interrogates multiple customer data sources. It’s high performing RESTful architecture returns data in standard JSON and XML formats, easily integrating to decision engines and CRM software.


Secure & Scalable Platform

Security is our top priority. Our security model is Bank level, layered and protected by tokenised oAuth authentication and strong elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman encryption, using a globally distributed, redundant, Microsoft Azure based platform. All transaction data is encrypted and access to customers’ bank information is read only.

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