Increase conversion and retention

DirectID reduces dropout and increases retention by removing demands on the customer to provide documents like bank statements and pay-stubs. Bank Verification, Payment Account Confirmation and Verified Income is returned in seconds, through a direct, read-only connection to the customers' online bank account. With in-app Performance Analytics, such as conversion funnel and verifications over time, DirectID provides insight to help continually optimise your onboarding process.

  • Better product-customer fit
  • Boost data analysis efficiency
  • Reduce fraudulent application attempts

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Key Features

Payment Account Confirmation and Verified Income returned in seconds for faster onboarding.

Bank Authentication in onboarding reduces fraud attempts by 75%.

Understand the customer's financial profile to tailor products and services.

Flexible reporting to take faster decisions and reduce the risk of human error.

Fully customisable for a seamless customer experience.

Performance analytics, conversion funnel, helps continually optimise onboarding.

Sample Reports

DirectID Bank Verified Identity
DirectID Digital Bank Statement
DirectID Performance Analytics
"Our clients are choosing to verify through DirectID for speed and efficiency, they are really embracing it because it lets them complete their entire application all online."
Lyndsay Wagster, Underwriting Manager

Customer Onboarding

Learn how to reduce customer friction, reduce drop outs and get the best use of data to make informed lending decisions.

Fair Finance Case Study

See how Fair Finance reduced manual bank statement analysis with DirectID, allowing them to spend more time with clients.