The financial services industry has many IT challenges and with competing priorities a new project can take up to 18 months to be scheduled. If your business needs access to bank data today, DirectID can help. With our flexible and fully supported implementation options you can get up and running with DirectID in just a couple of days. And you don't even need to involve your IT team.

Hosted Service

The fastest and easiest way to use DirectID, our fully hosted service needs no internal IT support. Let us build you a fully branded hosted UX page and set-up access to your management and reporting dashboard. Perfect for operations teams and call centers.

Send Email Request

Operator sends email verification request through the dashboard.


Customer clicks through to hosted pages and completes verification.

Check Status

Operator checks verification status on the dashboard or receives an email alert when complete.

View Report

Operator views customer report on dashboard and can download PDF/ XLS reports.

Fast, Flexible Integration

A suite of tools and resources to help your IT team integrate DirectID in under a week.

Pre-packed User Experience

  • Embedded UX Widget, no iFrames or redirects required
  • Provides a complete User Experience, for any configured workflow
  • Simple integration using JavaScript library and events
  • Fully customisable, using through CSS supporting LESS theming
  • Secure through oAuth2 authentication and Tokenisation over SSL


  • RESTful APIs supporting JSON, XML and standard formats
  • UX API features callbacks through web hooks and real time responses
  • Data API provides full data reports and rich insights including ongoing data access and manual refreshes
  • Integrates into your decision engine or CRM service


  • Standard libraries available with C#, Java and PHP sample apps
  • Demo accounts and data for testing
  • Comprehensive support for integration, test and deployment
"The DirectID widget is awesome, very user friendly and easy to implement as well! A basic setup can easily be done in under a day."
Yannick Donkers, Head of Development

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