Identity Verification

As the world becomes increasingly digital by default, identity fraud protection is becoming a greater concern for both individuals and businesses.

Increased government and industry regulations (such as AML, KYC, and SOX) seek to place the responsibility on businesses to carry out identity authentication and make sure that their customers aren’t fraudsters or identity thieves. But this can cost far more than it saves in lost revenue and fines when using manual processes.

Enter DirectID.

Key Features

Digital Identity Verification

Unlike other identification verification systems, our identity checking service seamlessly integrates into your current onboarding process to provide the most reliable identity verification. No hassle, just a smooth transition to a more efficient and effective process.

Instant Identity Check

So much more than a simple document checker, our identity checking service combines bank verification with bureau data, providing the most comprehensive profile available concerning both your customer’s financial history and affordability.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection: Instantly learn your customer’s full name, bank details, address, date of birth and other key information, reducing identity fraud by up to 80%. And with our efficient system, this information becomes available without the customer having to jump through any hoops.

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Electronic Identity Verification

Customers want their information to be secure from identity theft, and yet they also want signup processes to be quicker. It may seem like a balancing act, but with DirectID you can achieve both. Here’s how.

Our software seamlessly integrates into your customer journey process, serving as a simple and convenient part of the overall process rather than acting as a barrier to be crossed by the customer.

Through our API, the software conducts an electronic ID check, calling on the most trustworthy source of identity information there is: the customer’s own bank account credentials. Matching this data against bureau-confirmed records, our service makes it easier for you to prevent fraud and to comply with the latest AML and KYC regulations.

At the end of the identity check you’ll receive a complete customer profile, covering identity and affordability checks to reduce fraud, help you to remain compliant, and minimise overall risk.

We also offer the option of a DirectID hosted solution, providing you with full branding, customisation, and setup. Through this, potential customers receive a verification-request link through the hosted site, granting you access to their online bank accounts and providing you with valuable – and verified – information within a matter of seconds.

Read our eMoneyUnion case study to learn how this service reduced fraud attempts by 75% and led to same-day application approval and funding.

Identity Theft Protection

Important as the customer is (and the customer is vitally important), you must not forget to protect your company’s own interests from identity theft and fraud, as well.

Identity theft protection has become a major part of leading a successful and secure business (both equally important), and having a strong identity verification service is the best way to make sure that you stay successful and secure. And with DirectID, you’ll take things a step further, bringing your company’s identity authentication process to maximum effectiveness.

While there is always a “good risk” to take in business, other types of risk can hurt your profits and endanger your business. By utilising our thorough electronic identity verification software, you’ll always know whether a borrower can afford their payments or if their credit is truly as good as their credit report statement claims.

Document Checker

In order to ensure that you receive the most reliable information available, it stands to reason that you need the most reliable identity document checking service available, both for your customers’ convenience and for your company’s peace of mind. And that’s where DirectID comes in.

Potential customers no longer have to submit their own documents manually, and your company no longer has to check those documents manually. Instead, our system includes a fully electronic identity checker – even a convincing paper trail stands little chance against our software. Our digital bank statements are just like paper copies but without the hassle, and they come directly from the customer’s account.

There are many ways in which DirectID verifies the identity documents which your potential customers present against their details. Here are some of the most important methods:

  • Check customer accounts through read-only access to over 4,500 banks from around the globe.
  • View up to a full year’s worth of transactions in addition to accessing live bank transactions in real time.
  • Layer multiple levels of security to ensure that data was uncorrupted in the transition from paper to electronic.

By performing your identity checks with DirectID, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that all of the information you receive has been verified, is up-to-date and uncorrupted, and is able to assure you that you are performing the most reliable digital identity verification possible.

Identity Verification System

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our identity verification system isn’t only the best in the business, but also that it is user-friendly and can instantly provide you with the information you require.

Our software’s API means that we can integrate the verification form into your existing user flow (or host this for you), checking identity details against the most trustworthy source of identity information – the customer’s bank details.

To put it simply, with our identity authentication system, you’ll get the most reliable information from the most trustworthy sources in the quickest amount of time. It’s as simple as that.

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