Increase operational efficiency by 60% with instant access to digital bank statements

The need and the delay in obtaining paper based bank statements or pay slips from clients in a manual underwriting process can lead to application drop out. By automating or streamlining manual underwriting processes with DirectID Digital Bank Statements businesses stand to increase operational efficiency by around 60% and reduce approval time from weeks or days to just hours.

In a Collections environment, a traditional I&E telephone interview to agree payment plans can take 17 minutes. With DirectID, the operations agent is now able to view the digital Bank Statement in real-time to gain deeper insight to affordability and best time to collect, improve the client experience and dramatically reduce call time.

DirectID powers credit risk underwriting for online lenders around the world. We help our customers:

  • Remove offline processes for consumers
  • Boost data analysis efficiency
  • Streamline manual underwriting processes
  • Speed up decision times

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Key Features

Fully Hosted Service with customised UX webpage an online reporting and management dashboard.

Plug and play user experience, comprehensive developer documentation and sample apps.

Integrates with decision engines, risk management platforms, CRMs and white label lending platforms.

Ongoing training and support to help you realise value from day one.

Performance analytics and conversion funnel identify areas for improvement.

Comprehensive data reporting options for management and auditing.

Sample Reports

DirectID Verified Income
DirectID Certified Bank Statements
DirectID Performance Analytics
"DirectID gives us data in a format that allows us to close loans in as little as 48 hours so we can spend more time on the personal relationship side with clients."
Faisel Rahmen, CEO

Same Day Decisions

Lee Birkett, CEO at eMoney Union shares how DirectID has helped reduce fraud attempts by 75% and enabled same day approvals.

Fair Finance Case Study

See how Fair Finance reduced manual bank statement analysis and expanded beyond the local branch thanks to DirectID.