Comprehensive checks, direct from the bank

DirectID supports a full online AML compliance and KYC verification process, removing the need for physical document notarisation and enabling the sale of high value products and services without any offline steps. Standard name, address, date of birth and SSN verification has been compromised through industry sharing and large scale data breaches making it less reliable for Know Your Customer checks. By combining bank verification, credit bureau reports and document authentication in a single service, DirectID makes it easy for you to carry out all the checks you need to stay compliant.

  • Stronger KYC with bank verification
  • Reduce fraud and misrepresentation
  • Faster income verification
  • Round the clock compliance

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Key Features

Single customer view combining bank, credit and document checks.

Leverage regulated and compliant identity and verification processes from banks.

Active bank account ownership and traceable account transactions to reduce fraud.

'Read only' reporting and PDF downloads for secure audit trail.

Fast and accurate income verification to support responsible lending.

Ongoing data refreshes to alert you to potential money laundering activity.

Sample Reports

DirectID Average Categorised Spend
DirectID Bureau Check
DirectID Verified Income
"DirectID supports our underwriting process and decisions and helps demonstrate how we’re lending responsibly."
Faisel Rahmen, CEO

The New 5 Cs of Credit

Deloitte and DirectID join up to explore how the combined influence of the credit report with live financial data insights provides more comprehensive lending decisions.

eMoney Union Case Study

Learn how eMoney Union improved credit risk assessment accuracy, reduced 75% of fraud attempts and demonstrates responsible lending with the FCA using DirectID.