Increase collection rates and efficiency

Gaining accurate and up-to-date insight into your customers' financial position can be a challenge if you rely on self-asserted affordability or paper bank statements in telephone interview assessments. Our real-time financial data and analytics service provides the most reliable information, direct from the customer’s online bank account, to help your collections team:

  • Get an instant view of income and expenditure for affordability assessment
  • Optimise repayment plans to increase collection rates
  • Make faster collections by identifying multiple payment windows
  • Increase operational efficiency by reducing interview call time
  • Demonstrate a fair collections policy for your customers

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Key Features

Income and expenditure so you can drill down into different spend areas with your customer to develop a greater understanding of their financial position.

Profile a customer's monthly balances, showing payroll hits and other repetitive credits to find the best windows during the month to collect payments.

Use 3-12 months of bank transactions for cash flow assessment, to help you really understand their ability to repay.

The Dashboard allows operations agents view customers' bank statements and analytics in real-time.

Quick and easy for customers to share their bank statements securely, ‘read-only’ and all online in seconds.

Ongoing access or monthly refreshes to detect changes to a customer's financial profile.

Sample Reports

DirectID Average Categorised Spend
DirectID Verified Income
DirectID Payment Certainty
"Bank statements don’t lie. With DirectID, the credit decision and ID is immediate and obvious."
Lee Birkett, CEO

eMoney Union Case Study

Learn how eMoney Union improved credit risk assessment accuracy, reduced 75% of fraud attempts and demonstrates responsible lending with the FCA using DirectID.

Faster, Fairer Credit

Fair Finance is a social business lending to the financially excluded. CEO Faisel Rahman shares how DirectID helps make fairer, faster decisions and grant credit where it is needed most.