Smarter affordability assessment for lending and collections teams

The days of relying on aged credit data, self-asserted income or paper copies of bank statements are over. DirectID real-time financial data and insights, such as Verified Income, supplement the credit bureau report to enable faster and smarter credit risk underwriting for lenders.

Applicants share their bank transaction data with you, direct from their account, through a simple online process that takes just 25 seconds. Up to 365 days of transaction history is provided through an API or reporting dashboard to support instant decisions or speed up manual underwriting processes.

DirectID powers credit risk underwriting for online lenders around the world. We help our customers:

  • Grow the customer base profitably
  • Meet responsible lending requirements
  • Reduce loss rates and conduct sound risk mitigation
  • Reduce fraud and misrepresentation
  • Increase operational efficiency

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Key Features

Real-time bank statement data, direct from the bank.

Connect to current/ checking, credit, savings, mortgage accounts.

Access 90 to 365 days of bank transactions.

Insights and intelligence to help with decisions - Verified Income, Repayment Certainty, Best Time to Collect.

Information on non-reported items like sub-prime loans and non-sufficient or late fee charges.

Ongoing access or monthly refreshes to detect changes to a customer's financial profile.

Sample Reports

DirectID Verified Income
DirectID Certified Bank Statements
DirectID Average Categorised Spend
"Bank statements don’t lie. With DirectID, the credit decision and ID is immediate and obvious."
Lee Birkett, CEO

The New 5 Cs of Credit

Deloitte and DirectID join up to explore how the combined influence of the credit report with live financial data insights provides more comprehensive lending decisions.

eMoney Union Case Study

Learn how eMoney Union improved credit risk assessment accuracy, reduced 75% of fraud attempts and demonstrates responsible lending with the FCA using DirectID.